About The Artist



My paintings depict an uncertain future where cities are combined with nature. Taking inspiration from my travels, I explore the conflicting relationships that exist between humanity and the environment. In his catalogue essay about my work, curator Todd Tremeer noted, the absence of human life in my compositions. He writes: “Absence leaves space for projection; space, scale and time is ambiguous, its incongruencies go unnoticed.” As the urgency of climate change rises and extreme weather events become more frequent, questions about our future—be they utopian or apocalyptic—are made more urgent.

My painting process references opposing forces in my work. In place of conventional brushes, squeeze bottles and gravity create my paintings. Liquid paint is dripped, poured and layered. The canvas is rotated to steer the drip and fall of my paint. Architectural aspects of my work are calculated, measured and controlled. These are the precise marks of reality. Natural elements embody the spontaneous, unpredictable and more liquid impulse.



Amy Shackleton (b.1986) has exhibited paintings in Canada, USA and the UK. Her 53-foot-long painting is scheduled to exhibit at The Museum in Kitchener and The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington in 2017, as part of traveling exhibition. Shackleton has received multiple grants to create/exhibit her work through the Ontario Arts Council. Her paintings adorn dozens of private and corporate collections across North America, including the Colart Collection, Facebook Canada and the University of Cincinnati. Shackleton has been interviewed on CTV Canada AM and CHCH Morning Live. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Magenta MagazineNew York Magazine, Fashion Magazine, CBC, CBSGizmodoMy Modern Met and Oddity Central.  Shackleton holds a BFA Honours Degree from York University and is represented by the Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

 Feel free to contact Amy Shackleton | amy@amyshackleton.com